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Green Pinkootd

Friends call her Qui, others maybe just Jacqui but Jacqui M. Green is coming at ya with the qui vibe.

A 21 year old, Detroit based girl, she loves fashion, adventures and anything in between. She was born and raised in Detroit, but nothing holds her back when it comes to traveling the world. Qui has studied abroad, competed as a figure skater internationally and vacationed on exotic islands. Her list goes on and on but it’s no where close to coming to an end.

On top of her travels she continues to inspire people everyday with her quirky street style and alluring color palettes. With her strong passion and creativity she loves exploring new trends and creating a style unique to her own.

Along with traveling and fashion Qui can’t resist a trip to the gym or the opportunity to bake a pretty darn sweet cake. A girl with many hidden talents she loves finding different ways to express and challenge herself that can eventually inspire others to do the same.

Her new journey has lead her into an opportunity of sharing her thoughts and tips on all of her favorite things. Tag along with her and find out more about her style, travel destinations and most importantly, the qui vibe. #quivibe