I took it upon myself to redecorate my room. I figured since I have entered a new phase in my life, being a recent college graduate and landing myself a full-time job, I wanted to revamp some things. Although my room was already quite mature and done to my liking, I felt as though it was time to change styles. 

Overall, I’d describe the new style of my room as boho chic. It has very elegant and clean lines while also being artistic and vintage. I ended up loving this style because it brought together several elements that I treasure including my art and plants. The room has a very simple vibe yet it showcases myself in a very effortless way. 

I found inspiration for my room through Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Many influencers I follow are into interior design or had just recently bought new places and were decorating themselves. I fell in love with a lot of their ideas which is what led me to this boho-chic styled room.

I absolutely adore my new room so I wanted to share a few aspects that I am so proud of. I’ve never thought of myself as someone with an eye for interior design, but I think I did a pretty good job!


I designed my desk in a way that I could also use it as a vanity. As you can see above, I placed some of my jewelry in this wooden tray along with a few perfumes. It’s a great way to stay organized while also showcasing accessories in a simple yet elegant way. 


On the other side of my desk, I layered some books and picture frames. Layering books is an easy way to jazz up any table, or in my case, desk. I used a few art books along with my sketchbook. This allowed me to showcase my passion for art. On top of layering books, you can always add more design elements as I did with my mirror and ring dish. Candles will always work as well! 

If you’re looking for coffee table books, Amazon has several or try out some local old bookstores and be more sustainable!

As for layering picture frames, this is something super easy and requires little work. I ended up using my drawings in the frames, again, to showcase my art. What I love about this is that you don’t have to use any tools or nail anything into the wall. 


When it came to decorating my walls, I kept it very simple. I didn’t change anything besides the decor on my shelf. I decorated with my plants, more art, a candle, and a smaller vase. Pictured above you see a wooden box with the vase, a decorative black knotsphere, one of my plants, and another drawing. I like having the contrast in height between all of the items since it gives dimension to the shelf. The neutral colors of all of the items also tie in well with my white shelf. Once again, giving off that boho vibe. 

As for my shelf, I figured I would let you know that it is a DIY shelf! My mom and I went to Menards, bought a plank of wood, industrial pipe, and spray paint. This is a super quick, and affordable way to make a shelf that adds a bit of character to the room. 

If you’d like a full room tour it is in my daily vlog! In my room tour, you can see more design elements and items that I used to create my oasis. 

I’ve listed some items below if you would like to check them out! I also have a lot more design inspiration on my Pinterest where you can check out my boards and pins that inspire me.

Cover Picture:

  • Mirror – At Home 24x70in (similar one but different dimensions – HERE)
  • Clothing Rack – Amazon
  • Woven Basket – Similar one found HERE

First Picture:

  • Wooden Tray – Similar one found HERE
  • Candles – Home Goods
  • Lotion Dispenser – Amazon

Second Picture:

  • Coffee Table Books – Similar one found HERE
  • Frames – Similar ones found HERE
  • Vanity Mirror – Similar one found HERE

Third Picture:

See ya later!

Jacqui M. Green

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