Now that coffee shops are starting to open again, its time to start fulfilling your caffeine fix! I was loving my weekly trips to different coffee shops up until quarantine started and unfortunately that had to come to a halt. However, now that we are getting back to normal I can start going again and enjoying all of the lovely lattes!

Ever since I started college, coffee shops became a great place to meet friends, study, and not to mention, work on my blog. From the chill vibes to the stunning aesthetics, they are filled with inspiration and, of course, caffeine! About a year ago they became more of a part of my weekly routine. I loved spending mornings sipping a latte and writing or listening to music. It was a way for me to feel relaxed while also getting a lot of work done.

After spending my mornings in coffee shops, it became a hobby of mine to check out a new place every weekend. I’ve gone to quite a few and I have finally put together a list of my favorite places to visit in Metro Detroit. Some have exotic lattes while others have amazing aesthetics, but all will satisfy your need for caffeine.

White Wolf Japanese Patisserie


Matcha Latte

First on the list is White Wolf Japanese Patisserie in Clawson. It just recently opened up in the fall of 2019 and embodies a fusion of French and Japanese flavors. Their matcha lattes by far my favorite, and their pastries are just exquisite. All are made by their chef, Chef Doran Brooks, who perfectly crafted a delicious menu showcasing all of his experience from NYC and Japan.

Must try: Matcha Latte (I get it with oat milk) & Matcha Mille Crepe Cake 

Atomic Coffee


Lavender Latte

Second, we have Atomic Coffee. I’d have to say the aesthetic is what makes it for this place. The orange accents with the white subway tiles have me in love! Along with their coffee and tea drinks, they also offer quite a variety on their menu including smoothies, raw juices, pastries, and sandwiches. They are located in Royal Oak.

Must try: Lavender Latte & Mexican Mocha Latte

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters


Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters has a few locations within Metro Detroit, all of which have a very cozy and social vibe. This shop offers live music from local artists as well as a variety of lattes and cheesecakes. If you’re looking to have a chill night with a tasty coffee this place is perfect for you!

Must try: Matcha Latte & Zebra Latte

Madcap Coffee Company


Jackie Moon Latte & Chai Tea Latte

Madcap Coffee Company is another place where I absolutely love the aesthetics. Located in downtown Detroit, it’s super sleek and modern. In the summers they have a walk-up coffee bar, perfect for beautiful sunny days and easy if you just need a grab-n-go coffee!

Must try: Jackie Moon Latte

Drifter Coffee


Drifter Coffee is an intimate and corky two-story coffee shop located in Ferndale. The shop is perfect for any plant enthusiast or anyone trying to get a little peace and quiet. They are all about the environment, diversity, the community, and of course, coffee skills. Check out their website ( for awesome wallpapers, recipes, and workshops!

Must try: Matcha Latte & Chai Tea Latte

ASHE Supply Co.


Beetroot Latte

Located right in downtown Detroit, we have ASHE Supply Co. The coffee shop offers some wild latte flavors including beetroot, turmeric, butterflypea, and purple potato. The colors are just insane! If you’re wanting to try something new, this artsy shop would be perfect for you!

Must try: Beetroot Latte

Populace Coffee


Matcha Latte

Populace Coffee is the perfect little cozy, vintage coffee shop nestled in Detroit’s Siren Hotel. With plenty of comfy seating, you can enjoy both your coffee and the bundle of books they have to offer. The menu is quite simple, but that just adds to its elegance and effortless vibe.

Must try: Matcha Latte 

New Order Coffee


Cereal Milk Latte

New Order Coffee is known for its funky twists on lattes and vibrant pops of color throughout their shop. Their style is very fresh and modern which is exciting and quite different from the normal cozy and rustic vibes. In addition to their location in Midtown Detroit, they just recently opened up a shop in Royal Oak right on Woodward Ave.

Must try: Cereal Milk Latte

See ya later!

Jacqui M. Green

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