Are you bored in the house yet? If so, I’ve got the perfect DIY project for you. It’s bleach tie-dye! This trend is everywhere now and to be honest, after trying it out I’d say it’s worth the hype. It’s an easy project that anyone can do and it doesn’t require any special talent to come out with a cool looking shirt or sweatsuit.

After cleaning out all of my clothes, I came across a lot of old random t-shirts and sweatshirts. Instead of tossing them in the donation pile, I decided to recreate them into something new with a little bit of bleach. I had never done anything with tie-dye in my life and I was excited to see how it would turn out. 

I looked up some steps on Google and figured out how I wanted to go about doing this project. The directions are straight-forward and easy to understand, but keep in mind you always need to be cautious when dealing with bleach. So grab some bleach, gloves, a spray bottle, rubber bands, and your clothes, and let’s get started!


1. Crop Your Clothes (optional)

Before starting to bleach my clothes I started by cropping them and cutting them to the length I wanted. Some of my sweatshirts were already small, so cropping them helped me find a new way to wear them without letting them just sit in my closet. 

If you’d like to add a more distressed look to your clothes try using a seam ripper or a file to fray the hem. A cheese grader can also work believe it or not! You can run these items back and forth along the hem and it will gradually fray the material to give you that distressed look you desire!

2. Grab Some Rubber Bands

A lot of your design depends on how you use rubber bands. One design can be made by twisting from the center of your clothing and then wrapping around the rest of the material until it forms a circle. This will give your clothing a spiral design and is a more popular way to tie-dye. Instead, I took several rubber bands and twisted smaller portions while leaving parts of the shirt not wrapped in rubber bands. I was then able to give the shirt a splatter effect which I preferred more than the spiral. Another cool design is doing an accordion fold to the sleeves or pant legs. This will create more of a striped effect. I did this with one of my sweatshirts and I loved the way it turned out!

3. Grab Bleach, a Spray Bottle, and Gloves


Once you’re done rubber banding your clothes grab some bleach, a spray bottle, and gloves. A bucket also helps if you’ll be moving your clothes from one area of your house to another when putting them in the wash. I used my bathtub to dye the clothes since it was safe from bleaching any other material and wouldn’t damage anything. I also put on some clothes I didn’t care about so that if anything was ruined I could throw them out.

Once you have the supplies put on your gloves and fill the spray bottle with equal parts of water and bleach. The gloves are there for protection and to make sure you don’t burn your skin from the bleach so please wear them! After that is done, you can start spraying the clothes. I would also take the top off of the bottle and pour some of the bleach and water mixture over the clothing to get more of a random design. When you’re finished let the clothes sit for 10 minutes before taking them to the wash.

4. Washer and Dryer

After the 10 minutes is up, take out all of the rubber bands and carry your clothes to the wash. Place them in the washer and dryer just like a normal load of laundry and then there you have it! You have your bleach tie-dye clothing.


From my experience, I’ve noticed that the finishing colors from the bleach all depend on the base color of the clothing. Some of my black shirts have turned into more of a cream color while others turn orange. I also noticed an olive sweatshirt of mine also turned orange and cream and a moron sweatshirt turned pink. 

It’s all about experimenting and having fun with it. Try not to expect a certain design or for it to look perfect. This DIY project is all about being imperfect and loving what you make out of it. 

I hope you guys can have fun trying this at home and enjoy your tie-dye clothes!

See ya later:)

Jacqui M. Green

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