One thing I’m a sucker for is nail polish. The colors always draw me in, and my wallet can’t resist. What can I say? I now have a pretty decent collection of my own, and it makes a last-minute polish change pretty easy. From the fall neutrals to the bold bright summer colors, I have a well-rounded selection that I have come to love.

This fall I have been a big fan of neutrals – white, brown, cream, mauve, etc. These colors have inspired a lot of my looks along with what nail color I decide to wear on my nails. I’ve pulled together my top three favorite nail polish colors that I wanted to share with you guys! All colors will be linked in case you want to check them out and try them yourself!

For this design, I went for a gradient look so I could combine all three of the colors. Starting with my thumb, I went with the darkest color to the lightest. Since I was only using three colors I started with the darkest color again on my ring finger. This added a lot of contrast to the look that I really enjoyed! 

What are some of the nail colors and trends you’re into this fall? Let me know!

See ya later, 

Jacqui M. Green

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