For the first time, in a long time I didn’t put too much thought into packing my suitcase. This vacation was going to be an opportunity for me to get a little R & R, hike and just lay by the pool all day. I was going with my mom and neighbor/second mom (she’d kill me if she read this and I only said neighbor) and I knew it’d be very relaxed. Sedona is a place where you can be carefree. It’s surrounded by the most beautiful scenery while also engulfed in the mesmerizing tranquility. Honestly, a cute pair of jean shorts and tee would do the trick for a week but of course, I couldn’t resist at least putting together a few outfits with a red rock sort of desert vibe. 


When I think of Sedona I think of all the vibrant colors, from red to orange and then green to blue. The contrast between the sky and the landscape is breathtaking and every view is quite amazing. I thought about the colors I’d be wanting to wear and the best I could come up with was black, white and blue (for jeans of course). I know…pretty basic but perfect for this trip. Neutral colors were the way to go and the right pick against the red rock and juniper trees. 



With that being said, since I went with basics I needed to find ways to spruce it up a little. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. However, make it simple. I’m all into simple and making a statement with less flashy items. Everyone always says a little can go a long way and this too applies with accessories. Whether it’s a belt, hat, sunglasses or jewelry keep it classic and clean. For this trip, I stuck to my day-to-day jewelry. This includes my small gold hoop earrings, gold crescent moon necklace, gold horoscope necklace, silver thin stacking ring and my favorite silver hook bracelet from St. Croix. Now when it comes to hats, belts and sunglasses stick with classic looks such as a straw sun hat, slim neutral belts and either Aviators or a round frame for your sunnies.


Another way to spruce up an outfit is with embellished clothing. Studs are always great on a piece of clothing and make the piece more edgy with extra flair. They up the intensity to an outfit and often resemble a rough/tough appearance tracing back to when they were used in armor. I liked the idea of studded clothing in Sedona because as tranquil as the town is, it still is in a desert. Deserts are rugged, dry and quite frankly, tough. All that lives in the desert must adapt to the scorching temperatures, little precipitation, and relentless creatures.  Everything is out to kill, even the deadly agave plants. So studs were naturally the most perfect way to bring out the pure essence of the desert and connect with the setting.


I pretty much just let everything else fall into place. It was a no-makeup week, and as much as I thought I needed to straighten my hair I still left it alone. I was in no way looking for perfection. The simplicity of my beauty routine matched the nature of my style. Simple, classic, clean and straightforward.

See ya later!

Jacqui M. Green


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