Traveling in Stripes


Keep in mind that high waisted items add a few inches to your stature as well! So if you’re looking for striped bottoms look for something high waisted. They will lengthen your legs while also making your waist look higher on your body. This will prevent the stumpy leg look low rise jeans may give you and give you a curvier look. Pictured below are my high waisted striped shorts from Bird Bee.


Sedona, Arizona

With all of this stripe talk please keep in mind that these stripes should be vertical rather than horizontal. Horizontal lines can add a few pounds because they are traveling left to right or vice versa on your clothing. This can often make your body look more round and not come off as flattering as you had hoped. Also, remember to try to find fitted stripes, that is clothing that has a nice fit to the body with a striped pattern. This helps to enhance your figure rather than have it get lost in a busy pattern. 

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Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Good luck, and have fun shopping for your next vaca;)

See ya later!

Jacqui M. Green

Sedona: Simple and Studded


For the first time in a long time I didn’t put too much thought into packing my suitcase. This vacation was going to be an opportunity for me to get a little R & R, hike and literally just lay by the pool all day. I was going with my mom and neighbor/second mom (she’d kill me if she read this and I only said neighbor) and I knew it’d be very relaxed. Sedona is a place where you can be carefree. It’s surrounded by the most beautiful scenery while also engulfed in a tranquility that’s mesmerizing. Honestly, a cute pair of jean shorts and tee would do the trick for a week but of course I couldn’t resist at least putting together a few outfits with a red rock sort of desert vibe. 


When I think of Sedona I think of all the vibrant colors, from red to orange and then green to blue. The contrast between the sky and the landscape is breathtaking and every view is quite amazing. I thought about the colors I’d be wanting to wear and the best I could come up with was black, white and blue (for jeans of course). I know…pretty basic but absolutely perfect for this trip. Neutral colors were the way to go and the right pick against the red rock and juniper trees. 



With that being said, since I went with basics I needed to find ways to spruce it up a little. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. However, make it simple. I’m all into simple and making a statement with less flashy items. Everyone always says a little can go a long way and this too applies with accessories. Whether it’s a belt, hat, sunglasses or jewelry keep it classic and clean. For this trip I stuck to my day-to-day jewelry. This includes my small gold hoop earrings, gold crescent moon necklace, gold horoscope necklace, silver thin stacking ring and my favorite silver hook bracelet from St. Croix. Now when it comes to hats, belts and sunglasses stick with classic looks such as a straw sun hat, slim neutral belts and either Aviators or a round frame for your sunnies.


Another way to spruce up an outfit is with embellished clothing. Studs are always great on a piece of clothing and make the piece more edgy with extra flair. They up the intensity to an outfit and often resemble a rough/tough appearance tracing back to when they were used in armor. I liked the idea of studded clothing in Sedona because as tranquil as the town is, it still is in a desert. Deserts are rugged, dry and quite frankly, tough. All that lives in the desert must adapt to the scorching temperatures, little precipitation and relentless creatures. Basically, everything is out to kill, even the deadly agave plants. So studs were naturally the most perfect way to bring out the pure essence of the desert and connect with the setting.


I pretty much just let everything else fall into place. It was a no makeup week, and as much as I thought I needed to straighten my hair I still left it alone. I was in no way looking for perfection. The simplicity of my beauty routine matched the nature of my style. Simple, classic, clean and straightforward.

See ya later!

Jacqui M. Green


What To Wear In Hawaii: Stripes and Ruffles


Kauai, Hawaii was truly a dream come true. The food was simply amazing, the views were breathtaking and the island mindset was something I definitely could get used to. It was nothing like I would’ve expected; the trip ended up being very fast pace and a little less relaxing. My hopes for a few beach days dwindled down to none, and my tan (or should I say sunburn) came from the sunroof of the Jeep instead of laying in the sand. Always on-the-go, we made the most of our trip and turned it into a vacation of a lifetime. 

With everything to do I never ran out of outfits or occasions to wear all that I had so thoughtfully packed. I knew about this trip for almost a year, and from that point I began to plan what I’d wear. So, here, I’ve gotten together some of my favorite looks from the trip – from day to night, in hopes any of these tropical fits might inspire you. 


Of course, I naturally couldn’t travel without stripes. We all know my love for those lines when the warmer weather comes around. Whether it’s summer or just some tropical heat, stripes will forever be my go to. They are so easy to pair with any clothing item, and if done right they add some texture and personality to your outfit. Once again, I am going to emphasize the importance of vertical stripes like I did in Traveling in Stripes. They’re so important with elongating your body!! With that being said I brought several striped tops, a few striped bottoms and a striped dress to top it off.


Ruffles were another must-have for the trip. They feel fun yet dainty and somehow very whimsical. I can’t help myself but stop and stare and most of the time buy any ruffled piece I see. I think they remind me of my dresses that I’d wear when I figure skated, or all the dress up clothes I’d prance around my grandma’s house in. They bring back those moments of nostalgia, and I think that’s why I can’t help but love them the most. For the most part ruffles are seen in high fashion and haute couture, but for this vacation they were better off in the island breeze than the Paris runways. 

In general, things were kept pretty carefree. The makeup and jewelry were kept to a bare minimum, and my hair…well…it was either in a bun, some braids, or had natural beach waves. Pretty carefree as well. I was clearly in that island state of mind, and the state of mind I’d like to be in now. 

See ya later!

Jacqui M. Green    

Stripes Ruffles2

Trends That’ll Tropic Like It’s Hot


I had been waiting for a tropical vacation for quite sometime now and Hawaii was my perfect excuse. A nice escape from the mainland and a little taste of island life. Of course, I couldn’t go without my favorite pair of Ray-Ban sunnys, or staple black flip-flops. However, I also couldn’t fail to hop on the bandwagon with a few fun trends. Bright colors and funky patterns have come in again, and to be quite honest with you I am beyond excited! These trends were the perfect touch to my vacation wardrobe, and something you might want to add to yours if you decide to tropic like it’s hot. 


I’ve been obsessed with the neon trend for quite sometime now. When I say obsessed I mean a whole wardrobe full of everything and anything neon. Talk about a walking neon sign (those are cool now). All I can say is, WOW, am I happy that it’s coming back and, WOW, am I not so happy that I got rid of all those clothes, major YIKES. Anyways, now that neon is in again I can’t stop falling more in love with it, especially in a tropical climate. Nothing pops more than some fun neon on a tan. It’s also a great way to add some confidence to an outfit, and will certainly not make you go unnoticed.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are whimsical and fun with a touch of class, especially when the polka dots are black and white. They always add some nice personality to an outfit and definitely spruce up a boring pair of jean shorts. I find it fun to pair my polka dots with almost any color or pattern, which makes them so versatile. Then again, the pure simplicity of them will sometimes just do the trick.


I saved my favorite for last! Stars, again like polka dots, have a similar pattern on the clothing, being scattered all around. However, unlike polka dots, stars bring another element to the clothing. They’re fascinating, dreamy, and with their eccentric shape, cutting edge. You can feel whimsical wearing stars, and at the same time so on top of the world. They can be perfectly transitioned from a day to night look with the little help of some shoes and accessories, and will certainly add the “out of this world” touch to your wardrobe.

See ya later:)

Jacqui M. Green