Kauai, Hawaii was truly a dream come true. The food was simply amazing, the views were breathtaking and the island mindset was something I definitely could get used to. It was nothing like I would’ve expected; the trip ended up being very fast-paced and a little less relaxing. My hopes for a few beach days dwindled down to none, and my tan (or should I say sunburn) came from the sunroof of the Jeep instead of laying in the sand. Always on-the-go, we made the most of our trip and turned it into a vacation of a lifetime. 

With everything to do, I never ran out of outfits or occasions to wear all that I had so thoughtfully packed. I knew about this trip for almost a year, and from that point, I began to plan what I’d wear. So, here, I’ve gotten together some of my favorite looks from the trip – from day to night, in hopes any of these tropical fits might inspire you. 


Of course, I naturally couldn’t travel without stripes. We all know my love for those lines when the warmer weather comes around. Whether it’s summer or just some tropical heat, stripes will forever be my go-to. They are so easy to pair with any clothing item, and if done right they add some texture and personality to your outfit. Once again, I am going to emphasize the importance of vertical stripes like I did in Traveling in Stripes. They’re so important with elongating your body!! With that being said I brought several striped tops, a few striped bottoms and a striped dress to top it off.


Ruffles were another must-have for the trip. They feel fun yet dainty and somehow very whimsical. I can’t help myself but stop and stare and most of the time buy any ruffled piece I see. I think they remind me of my dresses that I’d wear when I figure skated, or all the dress-up clothes I’d prance around my grandma’s house in. They bring back those moments of nostalgia, and I think that’s why I can’t help but love them the most. For the most, part ruffles are seen in high fashion and haute couture, but for this vacation, they were better off in the island breeze than the Paris runways. 

In general, things were kept pretty carefree. The makeup and jewelry were kept to a bare minimum, and my hair…well…it was either in a bun, some braids or had natural beach waves. Pretty carefree as well. I was clearly in that island state of mind, and the state of mind I’d like to be in now. 

See ya later!

Jacqui M. Green    

Stripes Ruffles2

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