Keep in mind that high waisted items add a few inches to your stature as well! So if you’re looking for striped bottoms look for something high waisted. They will lengthen your legs while also making your waist look higher on your body. This will prevent the stumpy leg look low rise jeans may give you and give you a curvier look. Pictured below are my high waisted striped shorts from Bird Bee.


Sedona, Arizona

With all of this stripe talk please keep in mind that these stripes should be vertical rather than horizontal. Horizontal lines can add a few pounds because they are traveling left to right or vice versa on your clothing. This can often make your body look more round and not come off as flattering as you had hoped. Also, remember to try to find fitted stripes, that is clothing that has a nice fit to the body with a striped pattern. This helps to enhance your figure rather than have it get lost in a busy pattern. 

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Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Good luck, and have fun shopping for your next vaca;)

See ya later!

Jacqui M. Green

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